Rentals will easily pay your note

Why we wish to sell . . .

6 months after purchasing our property in 2006,  Jeff's first Grand-son, ~L~, was born.   While we LOVE living in Tennessee, with all its wildlife, beauty, freedom and financial benefits, we feel the need to relocate to Southern Tn, and cut the drive time down from 9 hours to around 6.  

Why YOU should buy . . .

We've done all the hard work and you get a turn-key business and home!  All our bookings/payments are done online.  You get the rents before the guests check in.

Monthly, our nightly rental income far exceeds any mortgage note. Business Website CLICK HERE

Our turn-key business has substantial possibilities for expansion in various directions.  Last July 2016,  we opened our 2 newest cabins and by November 2017, their revenues will have paid for the entire build.  That is a 16 month turn around into a future of pure profit.

Every year we have increased profits, shortened our work season and lowered our work-load. In a nut-shell, we close/block dates often, which allows us to travel and still earn a good-living. 

Our home is perfect for your retirement or self-employed dreams! We have 6 years of documented, steady increasing income, with room to grow! Our Property was designed with comfort and ease in mind. We've tailored each room/building/space, as well as our hospitality business and amenities, to make living here enjoyable, relaxing and easy to maintain. 

If relaxing is more your style, sit back on our porches and check out the wildlife! The property is 15.5 acres (yep! we have the added tax benefit of 'Green-belt' status!) The front portion of the property, 5 acres are flat, and behind the ridge is the rest (where most the hunting and ATV fun stuff goes on). Just walking up the ridge will give you a wonderful workout!    

Sitting here, we've seen all types of colorful birds (Nuthatches, Hummingbirds, Finches, Wood Peckers, Cardinals, Bluebirds, and so many more I don't know the their names) . . . just last week the biggest Tom (Turkey) flew over, it was fast and fabulous! Usually we only see the rafter walking our property.   

When the deer stroll through, Jeff always says he's "Gonna shoot one", but happily that's not been the case. Yet.

What can we say about the chickens? Watching them work their way across the our land is a pure and simple joy! Our happy and healthy brood gives us more eggs than us, our renters and our many neighbors + friends can eat.   

Jeff grew up on his Grand-Pa's small chicken farm (with geese, guineas, turkeys and peacocks too), so he always knew he wanted a retire and have a flock of his own. The amazing fact, hailing from New Orleans, via New England, is that'our' brood of varied ladies has become MY gang.

The main area Jeff built for them is wonderful! The 'Coup 'da Villa' is all above waist level, so cleaning, maintaining and checking on the peeps is a breeze! Currently, we have 15.  We could have 18 to 2 dozen hens, however, we close in the winter, there's really no need for that many. There is a the potential for a profitable side business for selling eggs, chicks and hens too!   

If you want to see just what the property looked like when we first purchased the land (26 Oct 2006), scroll to the photo gallery at the bottom of this page.

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