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13631 Birdsong Rd,
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Little Easy Cabins

4 Finished Buildings
with Income / Assets 

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Little Easy Cabins


Asking Price $379,500

Living 'da Little Easy! Priced to Sell!

Our home is perfect for your retirement or self-employed dreams!


Our Property was designed with comfort and ease in mind. We've tailored each room/building/space,
as well as our hospitality business and amenities, to make living here enjoyable, relaxing and easy to maintain.

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Ready for Easy Expansion / Development


We have the unique and added benefit of actually living on Birdsong Road across from Federal / National Duck Reserve, located within the Tennessee River Resort District*, which offers substantial benefits for future/possible business opportunities.  We live outside of the city limits and binding regulations.

In short, being 1.5 miles from the interstate and part of the T.R.R.D., 

you'll have state rights, not county, if you desire to open a restaurant, liquor by the drink establishment.  Your nearest competition would be over 

40 miles away (Dickson, Jackson, Paris).  
This area is just waiting to become your loyal and eager patrons! 

Mark Twain stated our philosophy best ...

"Always do your best.  
It will gratify some, and astonish others ."

Like our buildings, we've built our businesses from scratch.


We hope that our vision, craftsmanship, artistry  and attention to detail 

shines through each and every moment you are here.   

We have 3 septic tanks with add-on approval
and 3 seperate electrical hubs.

(A, B, C)

The front 5 acres is in the front and flat.  

The remaining 10 acres are behind the 200 foot ridge.

Our Partners - # 731-267-0787 - Town & Counrty Realtors - Kathy Holder